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MPRLP Stories of Change

Stories of Change tell the stories of poor families and individuals reached by MPRLP livelihoods improvement interventions and initiatives. These stories relate how the rural poor in tribal areas demonstrate their capacity to thrive when given a little initial support by MPRLP. They show that, individually or collectively, they can fight poverty. They show that, with a little guidance, they can manage resources. The stories here are about how remote tribal villages are undergoing unexpected socio-economic changes. The stories bear witness to the value of MPRLP’s efforts.

Story of Change of...a Village-Hamir Faliya 
Story of Change of...a Village-Dhamanjar 
Achieving The Symmetry Of Life

"I had an awe-inspiring image about diamonds until I came to know that diamonds could be so small. I never thought I would be cutting them in shape. I can not express my joy when I first shaped a piece of diamond", says a tribal boy Kanhaiyalal Dhakhe.......

Service To Humanity And Livelihoods Go Together

We are fortunate to have found a knowledge in the form of Neurotherapy using which we can cure the poor families and thus render our service to humanity.......

Shantilal's Ayurvedic Shop Brings Relief To Many

An old practice has been revived in Parushkheda village, which is six km. from Niwali cluster in Barwani district. Ayurvedic shop of Shantilal has brought relief to many poor families by offering them less expensive herbal treatment for common diseases. Complimenting the MPRLP, he says.......

Victory of Human Courage

Dal Singh and Gangabai are an ordinary couple in Panjaria Dhava village in Dhanora cluster of Barwani district. The unusual in them is the courage to swim against current despite their physical disability........

Why No Stop Dam In My Village?

Why my village does have a stop dam? This appears a simple question but assumes greater significance when it is straightforwardly directed to a District collector by a tribal woman Sarpancha......

Saharias Display Wisdom By Utilizing Gram Kosh

The constructive use of Gram Kosh or village fund can bring about vibrancy in the village economy. The Saharia community in Seopur district has disapproved its own saying that it is hard to involve Saharia in work as they run away from work as fast as lion.....

Roses Make Samandar's Life Fragrant

A sight of roses in the field is rare in far-flung villages but Samandar Singh's field is a pleasant surprise. Floriculture is a new activity for Samandar Singh and others in Panchakwasa village in Badnawar cluster of Dhar district. "I did not have any idea that cultivation of rose would benefit me and enrich my income so rapidly. Now I want roses in every field, he says.....

DFID Audit Team Commends Financial Transparency

An audit team of DFID on visit to Dhar has commended the financial transpareny in the MPRLP villages.....

Revival of Lac Farming Means Renewed Life For Small Farmers

Accustomed to facing stressful times, we thought lac would do nothing in our life. Now we are sure something would certainly happen says Prabhulal whose view is shared by a number of fellow farmers.....

Traditional farmers switching over to new crops

Small farmers in tribal pockets of the project districts have shown keen interest in cultivation of cash crops like cumin and ginger. They needed technical guidance and proper counseling, which came to them easily from the MPRLP field functionaries.....

Of A Bicycle, An Enterprise And Thousand Hopes

Premdas Bairagi belongs to Pathadev village in predominantly tribal district Mandla. He owns an old by-cycle, which he uses to carry heavy bags of ready-made garments ferrying surrounding villages and weekly markets......

Dona Pattals Make Them Realise Environmental Economics

"When we make plates and bowls using Mahul leaves, we realise the bounties of benevolent Nature. When our dona-pattals sell good, our faith in the merciful Nature increases manifold. These words of wisdom come from......

Groomed Never To Give Up

The story of 23-year-old disabled Mukesh is the story of indomitable courage. It inspires all those like Mukesh that "all is not lost". Mukesh had lost his left leg in an accident......

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